• Stefany Barker

Your Business Website from 800CHF: Here's How

Yes! A beautiful, functional website that doesn't cost a fortune to build nor to maintain.

Sounds impossible? Well, it was, until 2016 when our co-founder, Stefany Barker, developed a solution to meet the needs of small business owners who wanted to create a space online to sell their products and services without either a big payout or surprise maintenance or update bills.

The result? WaaS Websites was born and with it the democratization of websites for small businesses. A simpler and better way to have a website tailored to your evolving needs and business goals.

The current Swiss industry-standard means small businesses typically have to fork out 5,000CHF, easily reaching 20'000CHF for a website (plus additional maintenance costs from 160CHF per hour!) The WaaS model offers an all-inclusive fixed rate. It is quite a contrast because we believe that the current industry standard is not a fair model for small businesses or independents, so our mission is to democratise beautiful and functional websites for businesses - like yours!

At WaaS, we know that no two businesses are exactly alike, and our specialty is creating modern websites that are simple, user-friendly and mobile responsive to meet your specific needs across three main plans: “One Page”, “Biz Website” or “E-Commerce site”.

All options cover everything from building your website to any maintenance or updates you may need. All three plans also include branding coaching (if you need it), copyright guidelines and designs that are mobile-responsive and SEO-ready. Plus, something we’re equally passionate about is empowering our clients to be fully in control of their website, which means we also provide training so you can make updates at any moment (or you can simply ask us to do it).

We're here for you — it's that simple.

So, now you know: a business website from 800CHF is simple. Find details on our three plans below or on our website and get in touch with any questions!

The One Page Site - 800CHF

Our “key in hands” plan – this one is for those who require a single page to provide just the right amount of information for your visitor to make a decision about your business or offer, and act on it. These are also the go-to designs for CV / Professional websites.

In either case, a one-page website creates a linear navigation flow, which tells a story with a clearly-distinguished beginning, middle and end.

The One Page Site could serve your purpose, whether you’re a professional looking for a modern online CV, a one-person financial service, a consultant, or whether you’re organizing an event or want a website that anticipates something big you’re working on with a “coming soon” landing page.

So, if you want your visitor to know about you, your business, project or offer and even contact you, the One Page Site is perfect since there is usually only one action to be taken by your visitor. Did we mention that we also provide full training so you can update your website whenever you wish? Pretty awesome, if you ask us!

Here’s an example, Stefany Barker.

Biz Website

The Biz Website plan is for those keen entrepreneurs, independents, bloggers, freelancers, creatives or anything in between who want a professional website that represents their business or project and that attracts clients and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having a Biz Website means you can help your customers and clients find your services and products more easily online, it’s also a great way to show off your client testimonials and reviews which will help you gain further credibility and trust with your leads and clients.

This plan is quite flexible, with up to 10 pages, it’s the most beautiful, safest and effective way to be found online by your ideal client. As with the One Page Site, we also provide full training so you can make updates and changes such as for photos, articles, events, or pretty much anything that you require. At 200CHF/month it is definitely worth your investment!

Pssst! Are you a member of the Mountain Hub community? If so, we’d love to gift you a second language to your website at 50% off, i.e. a bilingual site with a 500 CHF discount! This is our way to give back to a wonderful community and it’s members.

Check out some of our clients’ Biz Websites: Le Pacte, Murs Porteurs and Laiterie Verbier.

E-Commerce Website

“And what if I have products I want to sell?” We hear you! We design and build your E-Commerce site in a way that will allow your business to function almost entirely online, supplanting the need for a home office equipped with a sales and managerial staff.

While a Biz Site will help those who still have business development as the main goal, the E-commerce Site is perfect if you just want to automate the sales process.

An e-commerce website is an important piece of your e-commerce strategy, especially if you want to grow your brand, acquire loyal customers, gain new insights, and get creative with your marketing.
As e-commerce becomes more competitive, diversifying where you sell online can help you reach new customers, markets and targets.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C we design an intuitive website with easy-to-use checkout. As business owners ourselves, we know how essential it is to have the tools to manage your website and that the administrative features fit with your business processes.

A professional website that represents your business is an easy way to gain credibility, reach more customers, reach your business targets and improve customer experience. Our E-commerce Site, at 300CHF per month delivers all that. Check out one of our favourite e-commerce clients, Happy Chef.

As mentioned already, with all three websites we provide

coaching, design, maintenance and upkeep of your website throughout the entire process. Our design approach means that, at minimum, you get a website that is mobile-responsive and SEO (google-search) ready, aside from a beautiful design that represents your business and exudes your brand essence.

However, we also offer a variety of other features, which are tailored depending on your specific needs, such as a bilingual or multilingual function.

Considering 81% of sales start online, having a website you can be proud of and which attracts customers around the clock is our mission.

Interested to know more about our services, which website is best suited to your needs? Contact us, DM us through Instagram or email us at hela@waaswebsite.com! We’d love to get to know you and help you with your website goals and needs.

This article was first published in mountain-hub.com on 18 October 2021 as part of the workshop, Build Your Own Website - the second edition.