• Hela Maria Jaffar

Law of Attraction: 6 Ways to Attract (The Right) Customers to Your Website

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Sitting at your desk or on your couch with a steaming cup of tea or cacao, wondering what strategies will help you attract your ideal clients to your website? This is one of the main challenges faced by new brands, business owners and entrepreneurs. You know you need to generate sales but in order to do so, you first need to drive traffic to your site not only to gain paying customers but also because this is one of the main ways you build brand affinity and a lasting relationship with your visitors.

You can have an amazing product or service but if no one understands what you're saying or your communication is vague and not appealing then you won't sell. Your website must be customer-first. So, what does this look like in reality? In essence, it’s all about captivating your clients’ senses! In this article, I highlight six of the most effective ways that you can attract new customers to your website.

1. Have an attractive website

A simple as that! If you want to attract customers then have something that draws them in. Humans are visual creatures, in fact, half of the human brain is directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information, so visual appeal plays a large part in establishing brand affinity with your website visitors. Visual appeal can – more than anything – attract attention and this is key to getting visitors engaged with your website, and consequently, buying your products or services.

Judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based on website design but by ‘design’ I’m not just referring to colours, layout, typeface or images. In the website world, the design is also about how accessible and intuitive your site is for clients to find what they’re looking for before they even know it. This includes making important information easy to find and that everything your customers might need (location, phone number, email, opening hours, prices, etc).

So, having an attractive website that visually speaks to your ideal client and is easy to navigate, is crucial.

2. Create a memorable first impression

Our first impression when meeting someone face-to-face can affect our relationship with them in the long term. First impressions affect trust, likeability and whether or not we want to engage or even meet that person again. In the online world, there is not much difference since your website is the digital version of you/your business, so it must have a positive impact on your visitors from the beginning.

Think about the impression you want to give to potential clients. What’s the essence you’re trying to convey and what do you want them to know about you/your business straight away? And I’m talking about the intriguing, fascinating things about your business that you only seem to get to post (too much) small-talk. The first thing your visitor should capture is what your message is. After all, it’s one of the most important points to get customers to relate to you and buy from you.

Your copy, headings, the flow of how you ‘talk’ with your customers on each page (including calls to action), the visual elements, the information and type of content you provide will all contribute to them finding you appealing, valuable, trustworthy and helps them determine whether they can connect with you or not.

3. Flaunt what you have (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy for improving your website's rankings in search engine results. It involves creating quality headings and links, as well as optimized and unique content by identifying which keywords and phrases your target audience uses when looking for products or services like yours, then working towards ranking well for those searches.

There are two kinds of search engine optimization: on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO includes the right use of keywords, titles, tags and URL (and of course, no grammatical errors). Off-page SEO refers to links both on and off your website, including links on your website from other websites, but also the other way around.

Along with recommendations from friends and family, internet search is how most customers will find you. 81% of sales begin with an online search, so the best way to show up as a professional business and show off your products and services is to ensure you’re using the right and relevant keywords for your business or brand. Some ways you can start optimizing your site include doing keyword research, prioritizing intuitive navigation in your site design, as well as designing for website speed, and using responsive and mobile-friendly design.

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4. Win their hearts with your words (Blogging)

When you blog you’re creating content that can be searchable online and potential customers can come across your services and products when they search for keywords related to your business.

Blogging is one of the key drivers of organic traffic on the internet and therefore, an opportunity to write content that your customers can read and comment on. Plus, blogging regularly shows that your website is fresh and current and also gives the search engine algorithms more reason to index your website more often, keeping it more on their radar over time.

You can blog about anything related to your business as long as it reflects your business goals and offers real value to your audience. That means it can be educational, informative, reflective, anything that aligns with the tone of your business. Blogging can include guides, how-to tutorials, and so on, just ensure you’re strategic with your words, in a way that conveys value and is relevant so that you can build trust, generate sales leads, and ultimately sell your products or services.

5. Be a social charmer (Social Media)

Social media helps you create brand awareness and interact with your customers in a multitude of ways but what I appreciate most is that it allows you to communicate and be seen on a more human level, which is what creates trust and credibility with your audience. When you show yourself, your creative process or the behind-the-scenes of your work, for example, you are showing your audience that there is a real person behind the business, and your potential customers will be able to connect with you and what you offer on a deeper level since they’ve been with you on your journey and witnessing your story.

There are many ways you can connect with your audience on social media, you can ask them about their opinion through a question or poll, engage in an interesting and relevant discussion, visually display how your product or service is helping others, and provide useful, educational and other valuable content that will not only keep your clients interested in what you have to say, you’ll also keep them coming back and they will instantly be more interested in clicking the links you share to your website.

6. Client love (Testimonials and Reviews)

Customer testimonials are basically good reviews that you can feature almost everywhere. One of the best and most effective ways you can show that your business is reliable is through good experience review or a sincere recommendation from a customer. Testimonials that are emotive or tell a story are even more likely to convince a new customer to try your product or service. It's also a good idea to include B2B testimonials as they can also show that your business is credible, that you’re willing to collaborate and that you are an awesome team-player.

GMB, or Google My Business, is a free service where you can provide information about your business but also where customers can leave reviews. On social media, encourage your clients to tag you and use your specific hashtags after they receive your product or try your service, and don’t be afraid to repost content of your product or service created by your clients (user-generated content) such as images, videos, text, and audio, as this is another sure-fire way to increase marketing reach while building credibility in your business.

So, in order to attract your ideal clients to your website, ensure that as well as aesthetically appealing, your website is findable, optimized, usable, and accessible. A combination of functionality and visual appeal will make sure that both you and your visitors get the most out of your site.

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