81% of sales start with online research

A new approach to websites

Your clients rely on your website to understand what you offer and to make up their minds. You need to be where your customers are: online.

Unlike other web agencies, our approach means we take care of your website from design to upkeep and updates so you can always focus on your business. And with our fixed monthly pricing, there are no surprise bills.

Modern business journeys begin online. We help you be where your customer is.

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Simple and fair


We're not going to drop you after your website is built. We want your website to evolve with you and your business. That's why we will be your partner in continuously improving your customer's online experience.


While we're here for you, we also want to empower you to make updates such as adding events or pictures, if you wish. That's why we choose user-friendly tools and teach you how to use them.


We think it's criminal to charge a small business 20'000CHF for a website, and then charge 160CHF an hour for any upkeep. That's why we've chosen affordable, simple, fixed monthly pricing.

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Our clients

Our work

Their business

From insurance to retail, we have experience working with clients of all types. No matter your business, we make sure your web presence fits your  unique business needs.


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